Sandblast Airbrush BD178

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Sandblast BD178

Single-Action Gravity Feed Air Abrasive Etching Airbrush Gun Operates like a Mini Sand-Blaster!

This Professional Etching Airbrush Gun has a Large 1/2 oz. Cup and a 0.5 mm Needle/Nozzle Also includes: 6" Braided Hose with Mini-Inline Moisture Filter, Jar of Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 5 oz. (150g) net weight, Dust Mask and Hanger

Common Applications:

The Air Abrasive & Etching Airbrush Gun is a versatile instrument that can erase color errors and act as an etching tool. It is used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewelry and fine parts, remove discoloration, rust, corrosion, etch glass, or cut monograms. It is issued by lithographers to highlight half tones and erase defects without marring the surface or leaving a smudge.

It is used extensively by model railroaders for weathering railcars & accessories.


For general erasing, clean dry air at pressures of 30 to 45 PSI may be used. To be sure of satisfactory performance a Moisture Trap or Regulator with Moisture Trap should be used to remove, within their rated capacity, water oil and other impurities from your source of air supply. Air compressors with a air supply tank are recommended. Expect a slight trickle of abrasive to flow out after the button has released. This is caused by air pressure in the cup being relieved.

1. Attach air hose coupling to Valve Casing

2. Unscrew Cover

3. Fill cup 3/4 full with clean dry sand, tighten cover securely.

4. To prevent leaks, do not get any abrasive on the cup threads

5. Regulate air pressure for erasing on paper surfaces to approximately 30 PSI. Use a higher air pressure of 45 to 65 PSI for metal, gold castings, plastic or glass work.

6. Hold the Model G78 the way you would a pencil. Move the Model G78 with the Tip about 1/8" to 1/2" above the work surface. Adjust to achieve results desired.

7. Adjust Control Screw to the lowest point to avoid excessive use of abrasive.

8. For work requiring fast, heavy abrasive cutting, use Fast Cutting Abrasive and high air pressure. Hold tip of the Model G78 very close to the working surface to cut faster. Hold at a distance for blending and broad coverage.

WARNING: Maximum Air Pressure 65 PSI

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