Airbrush Custom design: 

What type of custom design do you do?

Answer: We do all kinds of custom designs on almost anything: T-shirt, jacket to helmets, sports equipment, music instruments, motorcycle, cars and murals.  No project is too small or too big. 

How long is your turn around time for custom designs?

Answer: For small projects like T-shirts, jackets, the turn around time is about 5-7 business days.  Helmets normally take about 2-3 weeks due to the process.  Cars and bikes are about 2-4 weeks depending on the details. However, we sometime could speed up the process due to requirements with a rush fee apply.

How much is the cost of a custom airbrush design?

Answer: Price all depend on how much work we have to do, given time and material cost.  In general, a ballpark price for t-shirts starts from $25 and up per shirt, helmet start from $350 and up, bikes start from $500 and up… We provide a free estimate, please don’t hesitate to call or email us for a quote.

How do I prepare a custom design project?

Answer: Research first! Find out what you like, get some reference pictures.  Email us the references or make an appointment to discuss your design.  We are glad to give you some ideas and suggestions for your budget.


Airbrush Production:

What is airbrush production and what can you do?

Answer: Airbrush production is a unique way to create a product line in multiple numbers.  Different from the other printing method, airbrush production is much more flexible. We could easily change colour, layout, and background for each item but also keep the unity of layout and style.   This is great for small products such as team outfits, promotional items, gift give always, limited edition product…etc.  For example,   team dance jackets, hard hats with a company logo…


Airbrush equipment and supply:

Where Can I buy airbrush equipment and supplies?

Answer: We are a one-stop-shop for all your airbrushing needs; we carry many types of airbrushes, compressors, paints, stencil… for any type of airbrush application, at very reasonable prices.   Most importantly, we will help you with professional knowledge of airbrush equipment and supplies regarding your application. 

What can airbrush do?

Answer: There are endless applications that airbrush can do:  airbrush artwork, illustration, fine art, photo retouching; airbrush tattoo, makeup, body art, hair and face painting; airbrush cake, chocolate; airbrush hobby on models, RC cars; airbrush goalie mask and helmet, music instrument, airbrush on bikes and automobiles, walls and mural, stage backdrops….even touch up your paint scratches, much more.  The sky is the only limit!

What type of airbrush should I start with?

Answer: Do not rush to buy! Ask yourself what you’d like to do first, watch some videos to take some classes.  It is easy to get an airbrush and not know what you are paying for :-)  Start with a more basic airbrush if you are beginner and advance to higher-end airbrushes.  Do not judge the airbrush by its price tag!  Whatever it works for you is the best airbrush for you.

What type of air-source or compressor do I need?

Answer: Again, it depends on what you need.  In general, the longer you work, the higher the air pressures you need, the more durable and strong compressor you need to have.  The noise level is also a very important factor for your working environment. Quieter the compressor costs more in price. 

Here is a basic formula for you to consider the compressor.

The ability to handle working hours (longer the better) + power (HP or watts, higher the better) + noise level (lower the better)

What type of paint do I need for airbrush?

Answer: We recommend using Createx airbrush colours (including Createx Auto-Air and Createx wicked airbrush colours), they are the most popular airbrush paints available with a wide range of colour selections.  With proper prepping, these paints could be used on almost any surfaces.  Auto air and Wicked airbrush colours can be used outdoors on metal or plastics and they are compatible with urethane-based automotive clear coats.


Mobile services:

What type of mobile service does your company provide?

Answer: We do custom airbrush design onsite; residential and commercial mural painting, airbrush activities for parties and corporate events, onsite airbrush demonstration, and training.

What type of airbrush event service does your company provide?

Answer: Airbrush tattoo, body art, airbrush t-shirt, sweater, hats and toques, floor mats, pillowcases, airbrush painting performance…


Classes and Training:

What type of airbrush class and training do you offer?

Answer: We provide a large airbrush workshop periodically for group learning as well as one-on-one personal training, from based airbrush to advanced airbrush techniques.  Our group workshop gives a systematic learning experience in step-by-step instructions.  The one-on-one training is tailored to each need of each student.

Can I learn to airbrush even if I am not an artist?

Answer: Absolutely, being an artist doesn’t mean you have to be Michael Angelo.  There are many other types of styles and techniques available for you to learn.  You may also find your style and techniques with the airbrush.   Don’t be afraid to try!



How do I put down a custom airbrush design order?

Answer: Once we are agreed on the price, we will schedule you to bring in your item and set up a pick date for you.  We will take some deposit (25-50%) as a confirmation of the project.  We will email you picture(s) during the process or before you pick up to make sure you are satisfied with the result.  The remaining balance is due at pick up.  We accept Cash, Credit Card, Certified cheque and money order, Pal Pal.  Sorry, no personal cheques.

How Do I book you for airbrush activity in our party or event?

Answer: Give us a call or email, we will learn your event needs and explain to you the different activities.  After you decide on the activity you want, we will send you a confirmation form to fill in details.  A $100- $150 confirmation booking fee is required for booking the artist (S).  The balance is due at the end of the event

How do I order equipment by phone or online?

Answer: Our website is designed for you to order directly online.  You could also send your order by email or call us; we will create an invoice and email it to you.  We will ship out your order within 24Hrs after your payment.  You could also arrange to pick up in our shop.

How about the shipping cost and service type?

Answer: We normally ship within 24hrs for online orders.  Large orders will be shipped with 2 business days.  Our standard shipper is Canada Post; it normally takes 2-7 business days in Canada, 3-14 business days to the US.  Express shipping is available by request in Canada and the US.  International order will be shipped by Express only.  Our website provides shipping calculation; you could also contact us for a shipping estimate.

What are your refund and exchange policy?

Answer: Any un-open equipment, paints, airbrushes are exchangeable and refundable with 7 business days after purchase.   NO refund or exchange for opened airbrush paints or airbrushes if it is used.  New compressors have a one year warranty. 

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