Double Action Bottom Feed Airbrush Bd128

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Double Action Bottom Feed Bd128

This Model is a dual-action, internal mix airbrush that designed for extremely fine precision work. It features a built-in fluid cavity. The Airjet128 offers precision performance for a soft spray pattern and tight line detail. It's the choice of professional fine artists or commercial artists. Sprays properly reduced acrylics and pre-reduced materials such as inks, dyes, watercolours, gouaches and all of Badger air brush ready paints.  It is in a similar design as Badger100SG. The kit comes with one airbrush, an airbrush bottle, side cup (for paints) and a small wrench.


Glass Jar Capacity: 22cc   1 oz

Body Length: 150mm              

Spanner: lpc

Nozzle Dia.: 0.35mm               

Metal Cup: 5cc    0.25oz                          

Meta Hanger: l pc                    

Control: Double Action trigger

Working Pressure: 10 - 45 PSI

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