BD138 Single-action Airbrush

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BD138 Single-action


This basic airbrush is used for airbrush body art, automotive graphic, hobby amateur, fingernail beauty, fine arts and so on.

Special design for the airbrush beginner.

Airbrush Specifications:

Feed Type: Suction

Nozzle Dia: 0.80mm

Glass Jar Capacity: 2*22cc

Working Pressure: 15-50psi

Single-Action Trigger Air-paint Control

Durable, reliable, maintenance-friendly

Airbrush Using
The airbrush has many uses and can be seen in advertising, book, album covers, and Photo retouching.
T-shirt art, fabric and clothing art are all successful with the use of the airbrush and special fabric and multi use paints, Createx Paint being just one example.
Cosmetic application of liquid foundations that have a high coverage but thin in texture can be applied with the airbrush for full coverage without heavy build-up.
Temporary tattooing, body art and spray tanning are now all very popular with the use of the airbrush.
Nail art, aided with hundreds of tiny stencils widely available for nail art creations.
Airbrushes are frequently used by scale modelling enthusiasts to achieve desired effects which would be hard to replicate by brushwork alone.
The custom car industry, with murals, graphics and other artwork being also displayed on vans, lorries, boats, planes motorcycle tanks, helmets etc just to mention a few all enjoy the beautiful artistic and desired effects an airbrush can bring in skillful hands

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