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Basic Airbrush Tattoo Travelling set

This travelling set is designed for an artist who does mobile works.  Great for light-duty airbrushing such as airbrush makeup, body art, small automotive artwork, fine art and illustration...etc. Everything fits into a lightweight Aluminium travelling case for easy transportation and protection on equipment.

This set comes with BD128 Double Action Bottom Feed Airbrush, which is designed for extremely fine precision work; a single-piston AS-18(2) Compressor is a small, powerful and portable compressor works in relatively longer duration; other necessary accessories such as 10 foot braided airbrush hose, 5 glass bottles, one Rubbing Alcohol, Cleaning Brushes, a black colour airbrush tattoo paint, an aluminum case and an airbrush holder that hold up to 2 airbrushes.

BD128 Airbrush Regular Price: $60


  • Glass Jar Capacity: 22cc   1 oz
  • Body Length: 150mm             
  • Spanner: lpc
  • Nozzle Dia.: 0.35mm              
  • Metal Cup: 5cc    0.25oz          
  • PVC Air Hose: 5ft                 
  • Meta Hanger: l pc                   
  • Control: Double Action trigger
  • Working Pressure: 10 - 45 PSI


BD182 Compressor Regular Price: $200

This Compressor Supports Airbrushing for Most Airbrush Types, Applications. Paint and Color Media




Powerful: At 1/6 Horsepower this unit delivers more Air Volume (CFM) and Air Pressure (PSI) than any airbrush demands.

Portable: Light-Weight, Compact and Easy to Carry with the Built-in Handle.

Precise Air Adjustment: True Diaphragm Pressure Regulator with Gauge and Water Trap Filter that provides precise adjustment of airflow and will ensure clean, dry air.

Automatic On/Off Shutoff: Preset for automatic turn off when air pressure reaches 60 PSI. Preset for automatic turn on at 30 PSI. This enables a longer compressor life from less motor wear and heat-related moisture.

"Air-On-Demand": Designed to work only when you do, produces full-capacity air on demand. Automatically shuts off when not in use.

Thermally Protected: Automatically turns itself off if the unit becomes overheated.

Maintenance Free: Oil-less Piston Motor.

Low Noise: Very Quiet Operation, only 59 DB.

Full 1-Year Warranty, so you can be assured of Quality and Reliability.



Type: Single Cylinder Piston

Power: 1/6 Horse Power

Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ

Dimensions: 6.8"H x 5.3"W x 10"L

Weight: 8 LBS (3.6KG)

Electric Cord: 6 ft

Air Control: Pressure Regulator w/Gauge & Filter

Air Delivery: 25 Ltrs/Minute; 0.7 CFM @ 60 PSI

Working Pressure: 15-35 PSI. Auto Stop at 60 PSI, Auto Start at 30 PSI

Maximum Pressure: Factory Preset at 60 PSI,

Connections: 1/8'' BSP

Hose Regular Price: $12.5

10 feet vinyl hose, 1/8 connector on both end, compatible with Iwata airbrushes.

Airbrush Holder Regular Price: $10

Holder up two airbrushes for bottom top or bottom feed

Airbrush Tattoo Black paint Regular Price: $35

Airbrush tattoo ink, black. 4 oz bottle. Alcohol-based, last about 5-7 days Average consumption: 300 tattoos

Bottles Regular Price: $3.5/each

1 oz Glass bottles with a plastic cap and metal adopter, 5 class paint storage bottles. solvent proof.

Aluminum travelling case Regular Price: $25

Storing a wide variety of large and small items, key lockable. Size:18” Lx6.5” Hx14.25” W

Rubbing Alcohol Regular Price: $3

Ethyl Alcohol 70% VN. 100ml/3 fl.oz

Cleaning Brushes Regular Price: $10

Able to clean most airbrushes

This Basic Airbrush Tattoo Travelling set is just $325, the total saving on this set is $50.

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