AS-196A Double Piston With Air Tank and Protective cover

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AS-196A Double Piston Air Tank Protective cover

This Compressor Supports Airbrushing for Most:
. Airbrush Types . Applications . Paint and Color Media
. Levels of Users from Beginner to Advanced Artists
. Low CFM Air Tools, Spray Guns, Airbrush Stations

Power: 1/3 HP

Voltage: 220-240V / 50HZ
110-120V, 220V / 60HZ

Air output per min./litters: 30~35L/min

Double switch:switch 1: Auto stop, start at 2.8BAR/30PSI, stop at 4BAR/60PSI
switch 2: Max pressure at 6 BAR. Safety valve: release the air pressure automatically when
the pressure over 6 BAR in the air tank.

Pressure adjust range: 0.2~6 BAR

Air tank: 3.5L

Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter

Connections: with connection 1/8 BSP

Net Weight: 11.00KG

Certificate: CE

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