AS 18A Compressor

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AS 18A Compressor

AS-18A Silent Airbrush Compressor for Art and Craft. Ideal for artist, crafter, hobbyist, nail and body artist to use at home, studio or shop. lightweight and silent when operating. 1/5 hp with a maximum of 40 Psi for standard duty. It comes with pressure adjustment and an air filter regulator. This model is unique equipment for airbrushing and coating with a professional result. The constant and sufficient performance (air output) is secured by a classic piston framework. The working pressure will be perfectly steady with an air regulator. It is also designed with a metal safety cover to protect the compressor and prevent direct contact by hand. A yellow plastic airbrush holder is designed on the top of the cover for easy holding. The total weight for this compressor is 4 Kg. Datasheet: The compressor in this auction is designed under North American electrical standard.

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