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This airbrushing tattoo stencil book contains 100 popular designs.  Stencils are made with 4 mils reusable self-adhesive vinyl.   Each stencil could be reused for many times.   The stencils are flexible and they could be wrapping around arms and other curvy areas, the low tack adhesive on the back of the stencil makes it so easy to apply and remove.   These stencils are perfect for body art, airbrush tattoo, and could also be used for airbrushing on hats, cellular phones, helmets.etc.   They are great tools to have for airbrush artist, crafter, painters who like to create interesting artwork in a matter of a minute.

Especially for airbrushing tattoo artists


Each stencil has a catalogue number for easy finding and sorting.  A full-size poster is with all designs from this book is also available for purchase in addition.


Book# 1

Size of each stencil: 3.5" x 5.5"

Size of  the book: 12"x 9"

Cover of the book: Water-resistant plastic

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