Welcome to Airbrushing4u Design & Supply!

Dear Customers: 

Please make an appointment if you want to visit our studio. If you have any questions regarding airbrush services, classes, and supplies, please call us at 416.892.8456 or email us at airbrush@airbrushing4u.com.  Thank you!


Airbrushing4u Design and Supply In Toronto is a unique business that offers custom airbrushing services and quality airbrush supplies in a one-stop shop.

Our full-service custom painting facility with experienced artists can handle any type of custom design application on most surfaces. Our services range from airbrush designs on garments, helmets, and sports equipment, to wall murals, automobiles, motorcycles, stage backdrops, and 3D props. Our interactive airbrushing services such as airbrush tattoos and live body painting are also eye-catching activities for private or corporate events.

Our training classes offer excellent opportunities for anyone to learn and use airbrushes as a creative tool for hobbies or professional development because we believe airbrushing is an all-inclusive medium to inspire creativity for everyone to express their uniqueness.